Custom Domains Guide

So you want to point a custom domain at Great! Before you start, you need to understand a few things:

If you’re alright with that, then let’s discuss how to set up your domain.

There’s two ways you can route a domain to us:

Please understand that once you have selected one of these options it cannot be changed without you losing all your follows. Unless you are very sure what you are doing, we suggest using a Takahē-specific subdomain.

You will be able to log into Takahē using the same credentials either at or under your custom domain; it will work the same either way.

Whole Domain

To point a whole domain at us, you need to add a DNS CNAME from that domain to

If you are trying to point an apex domain that does not support CNAMEs, you can make an A record that points to our IP address of This IP may change as we get our network setup fully stabilised; we will try and let you know via email when this is going to happen.

Note that no subdomains of the domain you provide will work, not even www, as we will only issue an SSL certificate for the exact one you provide.

Takahē-Specific Subdomain

To point a subdomain at us, you will need to add a DNS CNAME for it to

If you then want account handles to work off of your main domain, you will need to proxy through these URLs from that main domain to the subdomain: