About Takahē

Takahē is an ActivityPub server focused on microblogging, much like Mastodon, Pleroma, and others. Our goals are:

Why start another server?

The main motivation was to prove two things - that virtual hosting of multiple domains on a single ActivityPub server was possible (so you don’t need to run a whole new server for every person or organisation that brings their own domain), and to explore the use of Python’s asynchronous libraries to speed up the large amount of background work ActivityPub involves.

Fortunately, both of those have proved themselves to work well in the initial build-out phase, and so now development is focused towards a small, reliable, stable release.

While we do not expect to grow as large and featureful as Mastodon, the goal is to provide a smaller, lighter-weight server that is useful for small- to medium-size instances. The architecture we’ve chosen is deliberately easy to run and maintain but will not scale to a large install, and that’s fine.

More Insight

Takahē is, so far, mostly authored by Andrew Godwin, and you can read more about its development, choices made, and progress via my blog posts.

The Takahē

The Takahē bird, after which this project is named, is a flightless bird from Aotearoa New Zealand - once thought extinct, but in recent decades they were rediscovered and have been the subject of a successful breeding and reintroduction programme.

If you’d like to donate to the ongoing efforts to establish a healthy population and expansion into new areas, you can give money through the New Zealand Nature Fund. The Takahē project maintains a regular monthly donation to the programme.